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Talking Tom cat 3 free online game
talking Tom cat third,talking Tom cat and his friend BEN together in a program, tackle each other, you can also open your video to play with them.
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Talking Tom cat 3 free online game Description

How to start
The game loaded to start the game

Talking Tom cat 3 Introduction:
talking Tom cat third, talking Tom cat and his friend BEN together in a program, tackle each other, you can also open your video to play with them.The new version replaced the scene, cats look more embarrassed than before, but it doesn't make it out of the fate of being bullied.But unfortunately, bully Tom cat and dog in the.Compared to the previous version Tom cat monologue, believed that this version of the two small pets can bring more joy, this version also gave Tom the cat revenge.

The goal of the game:
Play talking tom cat, have a look interesting things to happen!

Need a microphone to dialogue with Tom the cat, a camera for video oh!

Click the mouse and Tom the cat's body and a button below, the kitten can react.

1, click on the Tom or the ears, they listen to your words, let go of their ears they learn to talk to you.

2, finger, with Tom and Ben, let them fall down from the chair;

3, light and Tom and Ben, let them in the chair rotation;

4, according to the dog's paw button, this will use the boxer set spear or dart gun to annoy Tom;

5, according to the cat claw button, Tom will use the gun, the gun air horn or harassment.

6, according to cross swords button, Tom and the fight;

7, according to the television button, the screen play video.

Tip: this game files larger (8.18 MB), loading time may be longer, please be patient and wait...

Talking Tom cat 3 free online game download

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