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Strike Force Heroes game
The Strike Force Heroes game have three game modes, 15 scenes, 65 kinds of weapons,have fun!
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Strike Force Heroes game Description

Men should uphold justice, safeguard the people.The Strike Force Heroes game have three game modes, 15 scenes, 65 kinds of weapons, how can you miss hastened to join our fight, achievements Legend of Heroes. This Strike Force Heroes game is an armor game, but come from 4399, try it now. I hope everyone have a fun day.

Game total of three modes:
1. Campaign: This is a pass through mode, complete the the checkpoints task to enter the next level;
2. Challenge: Since it is a challenge, then the difficulty will be relatively improved finish the level task can be the same;
3, Quick match: This mode is very interesting, players can summon a certain number of teammates in a gun battle with the enemy, to see who is the team to complete the kill target; before entering the game in the left side of the interface setting a variety of settings: kill to win (kill enemies victory target); soldier (whether to open various types of soldiers); on the right, click the Add + increased teammates, click difficulty choose the Strike Force Heroes game's difficulty.

WASD or Arrow Keys - Movement
W, Up, or Space – Jump
S or Down – Crouch
Q or Shift – Switch Weapon
E or Ctrl – Activate Killstreak
R – Reload
Mouse – Aim and Shoot

Tip: ↓ key: You can use a shield (need to select the shield type)
E key: Use skills (need to eliminate the enemy, the number of enemies the bottom right of the display to be eliminated).

Strike Force Heroes game

Strike Force Heroes game download

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