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Russian Roulette game
Welcome to play Russian Roulette free online game.This is a Simulation game.If you like it,then present to you friends.
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Added 2008-7-17, played:
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Russian Roulette game Description

Russian Roulette game.This game is about the Russian roulette, aware with killing yourself. welcome to play the free russian roulette online game.
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Russian Roulette game download

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More Russian Roulette game Feedback
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1: Feedback: I win. me-4 gib-5. ^_^
2: Feedback: Hello! akdkekb interesting akdkekb site! Im really like it! Very, very akdkekb good!
3: Feedback: lool makes me horny
4: Feedback: Russian Roulette game very stimulating.
5: Feedback: this game is fun but scary but i win every round
6: Feedback: wow i always win at this game for some reson even online wow O_O
7: Feedback: i won
8: Feedback: noooooo

9: Feedback: the other guy always dies
10: Feedback: Game rocks
11: Feedback: i love it and i will make me and my frind this sound fun
12: Feedback: yes he dies
13: Feedback: lol funny game...
14: Feedback: does the other guy ever die?
15: Feedback: haha really funny hahahahahahaha blood all over
16: Feedback: this games sucks ass
17: Feedback: this games sucks ass
18: Feedback: Yea hell
19: Feedback: I got 8 points before I blew my brains out, haha. I was scared when he died, I was on a role! haha.
20: Feedback: awesome !
21: Feedback: Lol I died right away... -.-
22: Feedback: I love these atricles. How many words can a wordsmith smith?
23: Feedback: i win for 4th time straight
24: Feedback: Very nice site!
25: Feedback: cool... i died the first time. second time the guy just took the gun and shot him self. it was more like a suicide than russian roulette
26: Feedback: i win
27: Feedback: holy crap!
28: Feedback: X_x
29: Feedback: he died ~~
30: Feedback: huhu..nice games..
i win yahoo..
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