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Bleach vs Naruto
Welcome to play Bleach vs Naruto.This is a Fighting Games,also is a minicilp games,mini games and free games.If you like Bleach vs Naruto,then present to you friends.
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Bleach vs Naruto Description

Bleach vs Naruto:This is a Fighting Games,also is a minicilp games,mini games and free games.Confrontation between two of the most popular sleeves. It chooses your fighter well and it tries to defeat your possible enemy.

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13: Feedback: Pretty Good Game.
14: Feedback: kako pocinje
15: Feedback: just download it..man
16: Feedback: yes good game but somone tell me why sometime the 2nd level not come in just in 10 minute?(with fast comp

17: Feedback: i always play ds game but i finish ds twice so hard 2 play ds game
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